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10 Top Gifts for your Girlfriend

  1. Giant Gummi BearCreate Your Own Fragrance (£50)

    Are you the type of guy who always seems to choose the wrong perfume for your wife or girlfriend? Worry no more! Let her feel like a celebrity for a day while she creates her own signature scent with the guidance of a Master Perfumer. The ladies love this one, and she’ll love you too for such a unique and thoughtful gift. Treat yourself while you’re at it – the service is also available for men. (Available in 100 locations in the UK.)
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  2. Plane Banner ProposalPlane Banner Proposal (from £500)

    This is how to make the ultimate proposal. How about a plane flying by with a fifty-foot banner saying, “Daphne, will you marry me?” It’s no good if your girlfriend’s name isn’t Daphne, of course, but you can customise your message. I just worry that if your girlfriend has a popular name, then how many other women of the same name could be disappointed that day? Still, it could make your girl feel really special. Go on! You know you want to.
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  3. A dozen red roses with ProseccoA Dozen Red Roses Gift Set (various prices)

    Admit it; nine out of ten times it’s too late when you finally decide to buy flowers, chocolate and bubbly for your girlfriend. Well, here’s a gift fit for a princess, and it will certainly make her feel that way. With this gift set a dozen gift-wrapped roses will be couriered to her doorstep along with a bottle of Ca’ Dei Noni Prosecco or a heart-shaped box of handmade chocolates by Prestat, purveyors of confectionery to Her Majesty the Queen! If you absolutely want to blow your girl away (in a good sense!) you can send her both the fizz and the chocs!
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  4. Giant MicrobesGiant Microbes (£7.99)

    Who would’ve guessed that when enlarged a few million times, microbes would look so cute? Well, some people did, and the result is these incredible plushies that resemble microbes and body cells! Girls love the Giant Microbe plushies and they make excellent gifts; especially for those girls who think they’ve seen every plushy out there.
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  5. His ‘n’ Hers Set of Mugs (£18.99)

    These designer porcelain mugs make an ideal romantic gift for you and your girlfriend. When placed together they form this shamelessly lovey-dovey phrase: “All of these words are worth less than the breath used to say them if we cannot be together”. Admit it, she will love it!
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  6. Secret Message ArrowSecret Message Arrow (£15.99)

    Simple yet elegant, the Secret Message Arrow is the modern means for the age-old ritual of discreetly sending messages to your target of affection. Housed in the centre of this high-quality cast metal arrow is a roll of parchment upon which you can lay your romantic words, for her eyes only.
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  7. Pop the Question RingsPop the Question Rings (£47.99 and £57.99)

    Does proposing marriage feel old-fashioned, too serious or just overwhelming to you? Maybe you are reluctant to spend thousands to buy a ring for your loved one that may end up being the wrong size? Enter the Pop the Question Rings! These affordable, stylish rings are the clever solution to many potentially embarrassing proposal problems (can you say “wrong size”?) and you can use them to casually find out if your spouse is interested in something more serious; fantastic, isn’t it?
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  8. Recycled Juice BagsRecycled Juice Bags (various prices)

    When eco-friendliness meets fashion, these marvellous things the Recycled Juice Bags are born. These affordable, funky and extremely durable bags are made from recycled juice cartons and every purchase helps impoverished women in the Philippines climb out of poverty! Every bag is completely unique and your girl will be greatly impressed both by your sense of fashion and your ethical shopping!
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  9. "I Love You" helium balloonHelium Balloons (various prices)

    These elegant balloons are the perfect gift idea to surprise and delight your loved one. They come in a dazzling variety of shapes and colours and shapes and are packed within a beautiful black gift box full of coloured tissue paper and wrapped with a satin ribbon.
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  10. Name a Star kitName a Star & Moon Estates (various prices, starting from as low as £10!)

    Here is your chance to be astoundingly romantic without being girly and while actually looking cool and sophisticated! With these packages you can buy acres of land on Venus, Mars or the Moon or even name stars after the love of your heart! You can even go over-the-top and name many stars, creating whole constellations with your girlfriend’s name on each star!
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