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10 Top Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

  1. Buff Baby Dumbbell RattleBuff Baby Dumbbell Rattle (£8.99)

    Here’s a comfy, enjoyable and fun to look at rattle for your toddler! Don’t worry, it’s as light as any other rattling toy out there but with its novelty shape and design the Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle will surely be a memorable toy for any toddler!
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  2. Puj Bath TubPuj Bath Tub (£39.99)

    Old-fashioned baby baths are usually bulky and you often need to hold your baby with one hand as you wash them with the other. No more! With the Puj Bath Tub you can convert your sink into a soft, supportive baby-sized tub that will cradle and support your baby while leaving both your hands free to clean them.
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  3. Food FaceFood Face (£9.99)

    The Food Face plates are an ingenious way of introducing new flavours (and vegetables!) to young fussy eaters. Both Mr and Mrs Food Face will enable your young one to show their creative sides on the table and come face-to-face with “difficult” foods they would otherwise point blank refuse to eat.
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  4. Magicbox Advanced Baby MonitorMagicbox Advanced Baby Monitor (£39.99)

    The Magicbox Advanced Baby Monitor is one of the most advanced baby monitoring gadgets in the market today. Its high-tech two-way communicating system is effective from up to 50m away (and 300m if you and your baby are outdoors) and features a dazzling array of monitoring features including thermometers, feed timers, sound sensitivity sensors, parent talkback ability to the baby unit and more!
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  5. Nappy CakeNappy Cake (£39.99)

    Celebrate your baby’s very first birthday in style with a gorgeous two-tiered nappy cake! It may look like a conventional, boring, edible cake but it’s in fact a surprise cake full of baby goodies! The nappy cake contains everything a parent needs to get started right away! Truly the perfect practical gift for any young mother and her little one!
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  6. Peppa Pig and Me Personalised BookPersonalised preschool books (£14.99)

    Here is a cool and memorable gift for your preschooler. A wide variety of preschool books that can be personalised with your child’s name and picture placed in the book. Making your preschooler the hero of an educational book, the protagonist of a fun story; it is a sure way of making those first books truly unforgettable!
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  7. Duplo Value PackDuplo Value Pack (£49.99)

    Kids love to build things (and then demolish them!) and there’s nothing better than a huge Duplo box for that! This Duplo Value Pack is brimming with Duplo blocks as well as special bricks such as a friendly Duplo figure, blocks with eyes for building animals (or living houses!) and more!
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  8. Bruin Hammer and Ball SetBruin Hammer and Ball Set (£7.99)

    This play set will hone any toddler’s hand-eye coordination skills with a brightly coloured hammer, four distinct balls and a big view mirror. It’s suitable for children of at least 18 months of age and is really durable!
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  9. Happy StackerHappy Stacker (£9.00)

    A traditional happy stacker toy with accident-proof design and a twist! Its unique stacking action means it can stack in two different ways which in turn means many more fun combinations and a lot more replayability for the child!
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  10. Laugh and Learn ToolbenchLaugh and Learn Toolbench (£22.00)

    The Laugh and Learn Toolbench from Fisher Price will teach children the alphabet, to count to ten, to distinguish colours and shapes and more. With fun sounds, lights, pop-up figures and lots of surprises this is a great game for learning some fundamental concepts early and developing hand-eye coordination skills.
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