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10 Top Gardening Gifts

  1. Vegetable seedsVegetable Seeds (various prices)

    Choose premium or rare vegetable seeds from one of the most distinguished vegetable seed collections online. Vegetable seeds can make a great gift for any friend who cultivates vegetables or for your own vegetable patch. This selection includes some of the best chili and tomato varieties worldwide.
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  2. Flower GrenadesFlower Grenades (£12.99)

    Here’s a quirky and innovative product that will put a smile on anyone’s face.  These “throw and grow” flower grenades are made of air-dried clay which dissolves entirely in the rain. Inside they contain a mix of poppy seeds, buttercup and ryegrass seeds plus organic rich medium to grow on. Just chuck one at any bland patch of dirt and the grenade will sprout a colourful patch of flowers in a few months!
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  3. McCulloch Trimac 250CXL Line TrimmerMcCulloch Trimac 250CXL Line Trimmer (£104.99)

    McCulloch Trimac 250CXL is a good and reliable line trimmer for your garden with emphasis on comfort and ease of use. It sports a spring-assisted pull start for less effort in starting it up, and a comfort touch handle allowing you to trim without getting tired. It is relatively lightweight for its 25cc engine, which means even more comfort when trimming!
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  4. Prunus amanogawa - Japanese plumTrees and shrubs (various prices)

    Buy a tree! Here is a great selection of trees and shrubs for you to choose from, ranging from the commonly-found magnolia to the exotic Chinese yellow banana plant (which is not really a banana plant and even taxonomists can’t agree what it really is!).
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  5. Flymo Visimo lawn mowerFlymo Visimo Lawnmower (£79.99)

    Flymo Visimo Lawnmower is arguably the lightest 1200W lawnmower available today. Weighting only 8.3kg and packing 1,200 watts of power, Flymo Visimo makes mowing seem almost effortless. Other notable features include a 32cm metal blade and the ability to cut grass at heights ranging from 20mm to 60mm.
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  6. Elegant wooden garden arch in green finishGarden arches (various prices)

    A well-placed garden arch can bring out a sense of elegance and beauty in any garden. Choose from an astonishing array of garden arches and garden arch accessories that will liven up and enhance the beauty of any garden through our link below.
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  7. Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat ScarerUltrasonic Outdoor Cat Scarer (£38.35)

    If you want to maintain a mammal-free zone in your garden, such as your delicate flower bed or your aviary, then the Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Scarer is the perfect garden gadget for you.  This machine is totally safe to any animal and will effectively keep most mammals away from your designated area. Animals affected include rats, cats, dogs, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, badgers and deer. The Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Scarer does not affect birds, fish or plants and works in all weather conditions while remaining inaudible to humans.
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  8. Draper 44974 Expert Stainless Steel garden spade with FSC ash handleDraper 44974 Expert Stainless Steel Garden Spade With FSC Ash Handle (£20.25)

    Every garden needs a good spade to dig and remove dirt, and no gardening gift list could be complete without a good one. We proudly present you the Draper 44974. This top quality stainless steel spade with a solid ash shaft will be a truly invaluable asset in any garden.
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  9. Einhell BGEC1840 chainsawEinhell BGEC1840 Electric Chainsaw 40cm (£79.99)

    The Einhell BGEC1840 Electric Chainsaw is a real powerhouse at 1,800 watts while excelling other chainsaws in its class due to its high efficiency and optimum working safety. Ideal for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, it sports a bar length of 40cm and a cutting speed of 13.5 m/sec.
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  10. Black & Decker GW2200 Blower VacuumBlack & Decker GW2200 Blower Vacuum (£59.99)

    Black & Decker’s GW2200 is an all-round blower-vacuum machine that is ideal for clearing your garden of any kind of debris, from fallen leaves to grass clippings and more. Its powerful 2,200-watt 2-speed motor can reach blow speeds from 210 to 290 km/h and its collector bag can hold up to 35 litres.
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