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10 Top Gifts for Foodies

When deciding what gift to buy for a friend or family member, it’s always useful to think about their hobbies. Here are some suggestions of what to get for the keen cook in your life.

  1. Larousse GastronomiqueLarousse Gastronomique (currently around £35)

    Originally created by Prosper Montagne and published in 1938, this book has stood the test of time and is still the most essential kitchen reference book you can buy. This latest edition is also an attractive addition to any bookshelf with its copper and black cover and box.
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  2. Sabatier Chef's Knife SetSabatier Chef’s Knife Set (£120)

    This is a perfect gift for a young chef who is starting out or perhaps for a not-so-young person who needs to replace their old knives for something a bit better. You get a whole set for your money. The set comes in a black roll-up wallet and includes a 10″ cook’s knife, a 6″ cook’s knife and a 4″ cook’s knife, a 6″ filleting knife, a 6″ boning knife and an 8″ pallet knife. It also includes a 10″ steel and a peeler.
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  3. Chef's jacketChef’s Jacket (various prices)

    Do you know the greatest dinner party host or hostess? Why not buy them a chef’s jacket? There’s a huge variety of colours and styles available so you can choose which one would best suit your gourmet friend. And with some of them you can even get the jacket personalised with your friend’s name embroidered on it.
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    By the way, there’s a children’s range too for the Little Chef in your life.
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  4. Curry courses from Buy a GiftCurry Love (from £20)

    Is there a curry fiend in your life? Buy a Gift has a whole range of gifts for curry lovers ranging from one-to-one curry cooking lessons, Thai cookery lessons, Indian cookery lessons and subscriptions for curry kits. Buy this for your curry fiend and you might find yourself enjoying the fruits of their labours.
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  5. Great chocolate gifts from ThorntonsChocolate! (from £3)

    Check out Thorntons for some fabulous gifts. Unbelievably their gift prices start as low as £3. Check them out for yourself. Buy some for yourself while you’re there!
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  6. Hampers from ClearwaterHampers Galore (various prices)

    Long established hampers company, Clearwater Hampers, have hampers for every occasion and more! What do you fancy? A World Cup gift basket, a cheese and wine hamper, birthday hamper, or Christmas foodie feast. They’ve got the lot.
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  7. Buy a goat for a developing country family via Practical PresentsYou get my goat! (£20)

    If your foodie friend is the type who already has everything, then why not make a gift to help someone else? Practical Presents has the perfect solution.

    In Sudan and Bangladesh a goat can be a lifesaver, providing enough milk to keep the whole family healthy. Goats can also be bred and sold, allowing poor parents to generate income to pay for food, education and vital medicines for their children.

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  8. Pro Chef's Blow TorchPro chef’s blow torch (£25.99)

    This is a fun tool and can add a real professional finished look to many dishes. It’s a must-have for any serious cook. Blast your bruleés!
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  9. Forest Gardens Bamburgh Herb PlanterBamburgh Herb Planter (£62.95)

    There’s nothing better than fresh herbs straight from the garden. This Bamburgh planter from Forest Garden is ideal for people who don’t have much space for gardening. It comes with four separate compartments so you can grow your favourite herbs individually. How about parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme? Of course you can always buy another one for chives, basil, rocket and tarragon.
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  10. Food magazines aplenty from the Magazine GroupMagazine Subscriptions (various prices)

    Give a gift that lasts all year! There’s a huge range of foodie magazines available so all you have to do is choose the most appropriate one and the recipient will receive it every month for a year. A new gift every month while the subscription lasts – what could be nicer?
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All prices are correct at time of writing but these are taken from external sites and therefore beyond our control and subject to change.