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10 Top Weird and Unusual Gifts

  1. glovSix Finger Gloves (£9.95)

    Here’s a pair of gloves, the like of which you’ve never seen! This fun novelty gift is simply a pair of six-fingered gloves that are otherwise perfectly normal and of quite good quality. A smart item either for you, to flabbergast your friends, or as a gift to a friend you want to leave speechless!
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  2. coffCoffee Inhaler by Le Whif (£5.95)

    As rich as coffee, as light as air, the Coffee Inhaler by Le Whif is arguably the best way to enjoy coffee without actually making or drinking it! The coffee inhaler lets out tiny coffee particles onto your tongue and mouth, quickly stopping any caffeine cravings! The package contains three coffee inhalers and comes in three different flavours: chocolate, coffee and an assorted package.
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  3. Inflatable Zimmer FrameInflatable Zimmer Frame (£9.95)

    It is hard to imagine a more unusual gift than the Inflatable Zimmer Frame! This hilarious inflatable toy resembles a Zimmer frame and will surely bring a ton of laughs on any birthday party (unless the guest of honour is old enough to be actually using a real Zimmer frame already!)
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  4. Electronic Guitar ShirtElectronic Guitar Shirt (£31.99)

    This astounding T-shirt features a fully playable integrated guitar embedded on it! Each button on this shirt represents a major chord allowing you to play most rock classics with ease! The Electronic Guitar Shirt even sports a mini amp with tone and volume knobs and all the sounds it can produce were recorded from a genuine electric guitar!
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  5. Shit BoxShit Box (£16.99)

    Here’s a lightweight portable cardboard toilet that comes in handy in numerous situations. From camping to fishing and in many other places and activities, the Shit Box will untie your hands, should you feel the call of nature in a toilet-less environment. The Shit Box is available in two sizes and various designs, including the Camo Shit Box, ideal for secret operations!
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  6. TRAMP-It Jump ShoesTRAMP-It Jump Shoes (£99.99 for small, £109.99 for medium)

    The TRAMP-It Jump Shoes are innovative and incredibly fun shoes with a flexible strip beneath the soles that allows you to jump higher and further than you could ever jump without them! Just slip on a pair of TRAMP-It Jump Shoes and hop around in style! They have even been proven to improve your balance and running endurance!
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  7. Banana GuardBanana Guard (£5.99)

    Banana lovers, rejoice! The Banana Guard is here to protect your beloved bananas from bruises and keep them in pristine shape until you decide to feast on them! This sturdy plastic case will protect one banana from any kind of injury as you transport it along with other items in your bag. It’s handy, fun and really novel!
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  8. Glow in the Dark Loo RollGlow in the Dark Loo Roll (£5.49)

    This otherwise normal roll of toilet paper emits an eerie green glow! Incredibly handy when camping or during a power outage and otherwise just plain silly, the Glow in the Dark Loo Roll is one of the most unusual gifts one can buy today!
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  9. WaterbuoyWaterbuoy (£10.99)

    This clever device contains a robust rubber balloon (Dragons’ Den fans will vouch for this – Theo Paphitis had to use all his strength to burst it!) that can lift up to 1 kg and that will automatically inflate within seconds of being submerged in water. The Waterbuoy makes a great addition to any bunch of keys or other sensitive items and will safeguard them from being lost if you drop them in the sea while fishing or conducting any other water-related business!
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  10. Rufus RooThe Rufus Roo (£29.99)

    If you frequently fly with budget airlines you surely have experienced the frustration of having to dish out extra money for hold luggage and you know it sucks! Well, the Rufus Roo brings an ingenious end to all those extra luggage charges by allowing you to carry your entire luggage on your person! The Rufus Roo jacket features four extra large pockets and two normal ones that will hold an astonishing extra 10 kg worth of luggage!
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