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10 Top Gifts for Children

  1. Inflatable Roller WheelInflatable Roller Wheel (£39.99)

    Some toys seem to have dozens of different ways to be played and provide a lot of replayability and usability. Well, the Roller Wheel is one of them! Just inflate it with the included pump and let your child’s imagination run wild. The roller wheel can be used as a giant hamster wheel, as a makeshift bed or chair, as a portable hidey hole and really anything else your youngster can come up with!
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  2. Personalised children's booksPersonalised children’s books (various prices)

    A personalised children’s book allows them to become the heroes of an illustrated pictures book or a children’s story alongside beloved heroes such as Spongebob, Spiderman, Dora the Explorer, Snow White and even Santa Claus!
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  3. Mr Meerkat PlushyMr Meerkat Plushy (£9.99)

    Meet the outrageously famous and popular Meerkats in their plushy form! Kids seem to love these fluffy critters, which have recently gained enormous popularity. These lovable Meerkat plushies are handmade, stand 30cm tall and come in either cream or brown colour.
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  4. Lego Alien Conquest Alien MothershipLego Alien Conquest Alien Mothership (£49.99)

    A lone human reporter (well… actually Lego reporter) against a full-blown alien mothership, complete with a (Lego) alien overlord to match! This complex and fun Lego toy will satisfy even the most demanding Lego enthusiasts! It is suitable for children of at least 8 years of age and will be enjoyed by young and older kids alike.
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  5. Bop ItBop It (£20.49)

    Bop it is a revolutionary new game that calls out commands which players must react to as fast as they can! A great group game and incredible for parties, Bop It will call out to twist it, pull it, shout at it, “bop” it and more! What’s even better is that the toy is so smart that its challenges become harder and faster as you become better at it and if you miss a move you will hear about it too!
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  6. Silverlit Sky DragonSilverlit Sky Dragon (£34.99)

    A durable and easy to operate remote-controlled helicopter that will surely give you or your child many hours of flying fun! The Silverlit Sky Dragon features a special propeller system and precision speed controls that provide incredible stability. Don’t worry if you crash your flight as the Sky Dragon is sturdy enough to handle any aspiring pilot’s learning mistakes.
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  7. Bubble SwordBubble Sword (£8.00)

    The Bubble Sword is a marvellously creative toy. Dip it in its trusty scabbard (doubling as a bubble solution container) and wave the sword to create impressive and enormous bubbles! This is a great gift for sword-toting children, for bubble-loving children and everyone in between!
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  8. Mini Cooper S 6V Electric Ride-on ToyMini Cooper S 6V Electric Ride-on Toy (£295.00)

    This is an ultra-realistic, electric ride-on version of the famous Mini Cooper that will astound and bedazzle even the most hard-to-impress children. Unlike most other ride-on toy cars this one comes fully assembled and ready to use – just attach the steering wheel and vroooooooom!
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  9. Nerf 'n' Strike StampedeNerf ‘n’ Strike Stampede (£56.00)

    The Nerf ‘n’ Strike Stampede is an imposing, fully automatic nerf cannon! Dominating all other nerf guns, the Nerf ‘n’ Strike Stampede is able to unleash a hailstorm of nerf darts from its 18-dart clip and reload from three spare clips to keep up the intense assault. Other notable features include a blast shield to deflect incoming nerf fire from inferior guns as well as a pop-out bipod for perfect stability and improved aim to obliterate all nerf opposition!
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  10. Playmobil Empire Castle Lion KnightsPlaymobil Empire Castle Lion Knights (£149.99)

    Enter the ultimate Medieval Playmobil stronghold! The Playmobil Empire Castle Lion Knights includes the majestic Playmobil Castle, seven figures, two horses and an astounding arsenal of medieval Playmobil weapons, from cannons to axes and lances. This impressive castle will give you hours upon hours of fun with features such as a trapdoor, breakthrough walls, a treasure hoist, a drawbridge (of course) and much more!
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