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10 Top Gifts and Accessories for Car Lovers

  1. Car Satellite navigation systems (various prices)

    These are arguably the hottest car accessories right now! Car Sat Nav equipment will help anyone go from A to B with style and convenience. Newer Sat Nav models sport technology that seems almost incredible, such as real-time traffic information, scanning for parking spaces and even off-road and pedestrian mode!
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  2. Awesome Foursome Driving Thrill (£199)

    This incredible offer includes driving four of the greatest supercars ever made! You’ll get to take all four of these beasts – Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 360, Aston Martin V8 Vantage and Porsche GT3 – for three heart-racing laps around your choice of two circuits. Admit it – no car lover can resist such a gift!
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  3. Ripspeed DVD732B Single DIN 3″ In-Dash DVD, MP3 CD Player (£89.99)

    The ultimate 3-in-one car DVD, MP3 and CD player all rolled in one slick gadget. Features include a 3” LCD widescreen, video input for rear view camera and 5 channels line out for full stereo plus subwoofer. The Ripspeed DVD732B fits into 95% of cars and you can check the “Will this fit my car?” interactive menu at Halfords to find out!
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  4. Inforad K1 – Safety Camera Locator (£39.99)

    Inforad K1 is the world’s smallest safety camera locator. It alerts for all fixed & mobile laser safety cameras, it warns of accident blackspots and helps you drive within the speed limit to avoid penalties. On top of all its amazing features it comes with free lifetime subscriptions (no further charges after you buy it!) and constant free updates from a European safety camera database!
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  5. World’s Wackiest Racers Driving Experience (£99)

    If you know someone who claims to have driven everything that’s out there, this might be the perfect gift for them. In the Wacky Racers driving experience, brave drivers will have the chance to drive the most incredible vehicular contraptions ever built. The flabbergasting, insane vehicles available in this wacky experience include a motorised office chair, an exhilarating double-decker car (takes two people to drive!), a motorised animal-print sofa and the world’s fastest street-legal bed! That’s right, folks!
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  6. Halfords 360-litre roofboxHalfords 360L Roof Box Silver (£189.99)

    The Halfords 360L is a durable and practical Roof Box with aerodynamic design. It offers 360 litres of storage space (the equivalent to a mid-size car boot) while keeping half of the roof free for other roof-mounted accessories. It can be fitted on most car roofs and provides maximum fuel economy and the minimum wind noise for its capacity.
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  7. Ripspeed Universal FilterRipspeed Universal Filter and Universal Vent Filter with Extended Duct Hose (£56.97)

    Ripspeed brings us the top-performing air filter with a metal gauze and twin cone design for unrestricted airflow. Together with the Ripspeed universal vent filter they ensure maximum filtration, increasing power and performance for your car.
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  8. Meta SR2 Targa parking sensorMeta SR2 Targa Parking Sensor System (£109.99)

    The Meta SR2 Targa parking aid is a cleverly designed sensor system that can be neatly mounted on most cars and makes parking in tight spots a breeze. Since it fits behind the rear number plate it can be mounted unobtrusively and with minimal drilling.
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  9. Full Monty Tank DayFull Monty Tank Day (£275)

    A full day of military action! At least four military-grade vehicles available to drive, including an almighty 56-ton tank and an amphibious personnel carrier! Plus getting to fire guns and a chance to drive the 56-ton tank over a saloon car! This is a truly unique gift for any car lover (or people who like to drive over saloon cars with tanks!)
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  10. Monster Truck Driving ExperienceMonster Truck Driving Experience (£280)

    Not many people get to drive automobiles with six-foot tyres. This intense experience will have you or your friend drive three monster trucks including a hi-view jeep, a British-spec monster truck and finishing up with a 66-inch tyred US-spec monster truck! If you are planning to get this experience for a friend or a family member, please note that a certain degree of physical stamina is required to be able to handle it, so this might not be the best gift for someone who’s afraid of heights… or for your grandad!
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  11. Parrot MKI9200 Bluetooth Hands-free KitParrot MKi9200 Bluetooth Hands-free Kit (£169.99)

    The Parrot MKi9200 is one of the most sophisticated Bluetooth hands-free car systems available. Its features include a 2.4-inch high-resolution TFT colour screen, interconnectivity with the car’s speakers, voice recognition, mountable remote control (either on the steering wheel or the dashboard) and more! It supports music device connections for iPod and iPhone as well as most USB devices and MP3 players.
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