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10 Top Boys’ Toys and Gadget Gifts

  1. MusucBagMusucBag (£89.99)

    Is it a suit? Is it a sleeping bag? No, it’s MusucBag, the one and only wearable sleeping bag that’s sure to astound everyone at the campsite! MusucBag combines the warmth and comfort of a sleeping bag with maximum mobility. It features an integral hood and reversible zips so you can easily zip yourself into it.
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  2. ATM Savings BankATM Savings Bank (£19.99)

    Arguably one of the hippest ways to store your money known to man, the ATM Saving Bank is a battery-operated cashpoint-style piggy bank that allows you to make deposits and withdrawals recognising the value of each note and coin so you can check your “balance” whenever you like!
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  3. BBQ Branding IronBBQ Branding Iron (£15.99)

    Feeling macho enough to be branding your meat? Well, now with the BBQ Branding Iron you can! With 52 letters and 8 blank spaces you can fully customise two lines of text to brand on your steaks, chops, chickens, burgers etc. The unique BBQ Branding Iron allows you to write any message you fancy on your food, such as “Hands off”, “Medium Rare” or even “Eat Me Grandad”!
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  4. Flip Mino HD Digital CameraFlip Mino HD Digital Camera (£89.99)

    These sweet gadgets are simply the world’s smallest HD camcorders! They are able to produce 1280×720 HD video and can record at 60 frames per second. The Flip Mino HD Digital Cameras feature a flip-out USB arm, a 2” anti-glare screen and built-in video software that make moviemaking as simple as falling off a log (almost!)
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  5. USB Negative ScannerUSB Negative Scanner (£49.99 and £79.99 for the deluxe version)

    In case you are holding on to cartloads of old 35mm photo negatives (as most of us are), make sure to check out this USB Negative Scanner. With this gizmo you can scan all your 35mm negatives or slides and then convert them into digital pictures! With the software included you can edit, crop and resize your newly digitised pictures and enjoy images from the past in the 21st century!
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  6. Book of CoolThe Book of Cool (£26.49)

    OK, everybody knows you’re cool. But wouldn’t it be cool to be even cooler? Enter the Book of Cool. Within its 320 fully-coloured pages and its three DVDs you will find some of the coolest tricks in the whole known universe, from fancy football stunts and mind-blowing magic tricks to impossible skateboard flips and pro-level card shuffling secrets.
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  7. Star Wars Ultimate FX Light SabreStar Wars Ultimate FX Light Sabre (£39.99)

    This officially-licensed light sabre is the real deal for any Star Wars fan. (And admit it; you are one!) As you activate your very own light sabre, it will light up from handle to tip in an oh-so-familiar way. Let anyone who would call you a geek be knocked out with envy as you swing your very own light sabre from side to side. Sophisticated motion sensors produce sound effects depending on how you move it and produce the familiar whiz-bang effects when it comes to contact with anything (or anyone!).
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  8. Silverlit Infra-Red Spy Camera HelicopterSilverlit I/R Spy Camera Helicopter (£69.99)

    This slick IR helicopter comes with an adjustable 1.3 megapixel camera built into the lightweight body! After launching the sky camera heli you can capture videos or take photos with the push of a button on the remote controller. Ever wondered how your house (or anything else really) looks from above? Now you can find out with this nifty gizmo!
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  9. Star Theatre PlanetariumStar Theatre Planetarium (£119.99)

    The amazing Star Theatre Planetarium uses the same lens as a full-blown professional planetarium to show real constellations in terrific detail! Using advanced ultra-white LED technology this sophisticated gadget can project up to 10,000 stars in your living room (or any other indoors environment – even the loo!). Its features include both the southern and northern hemispheres with realistic celestial movement and even an option to project shooting stars!
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  10. Samurai umbrellaSamurai Umbrella (£19.99 for compact and £29.99 for full length)

    Anyone can avoid the rain by using an umbrella, but few can truly defeat the rain – and for that you need nothing short of the honourable Samurai Umbrella! This mind-blowingly stylish umbrella combines the traditional functionality of a good ol’ reliable umbrella with the imposing handle of an honourable samurai sword. So honestly, what else do you need?
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