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10 Top Bacon-Themed Gifts

  1. Bacon ToothpasteBacon Toothpaste (£5.99)

    Do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast? Well, it doesn’t matter either way any more! Redefine your oral hygiene with Bacon Toothpaste! Ideal for every bacon lover out there, Bacon Toothpaste is completely legitimate toothpaste infused with bacon flavour that will keep your teeth sparkly clean and bacon-fresh, for real!
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  2. Bacon SoapBacon Soap (£5.99)

    Another revolutionary bacon hygiene product, the bacon soap is a perfectly normal bar of soap yet it smells and looks like bacon! Forget any other fancy-pantsy lemon, sandalwood, cinnamon or whatever scented soaps and grab a bar of Bacon Soap today, you just won’t regret it!
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  3. Donald Russell Pigs in BlanketsPigs in Blankets (£22.00)

    This heavenly box contains 32 pork chipolata sausages tenderly hand-wrapped in streaky bacon by professional sausage makers. Ideal for any party or buffet, these Pigs in Blankets can be defrosted and grilled or cooked in the oven and be ready to serve in just 15 minutes!
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  4. Bacon Pop popcornBacon Popcorn (£6.99)

    What’s better than popcorn? Well, bacon for sure and also bacon-flavoured popcorn! Hats off to the culinary geniuses who thought to combine bacon with popcorn in these microwavable packs of smoky, bacony delight. Bacon Pop tastes so damn good it will have you pitying the fools who have only tasted un-baconed popcorn!
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  5. Donald Russell Bacon-wrapped Filet MignonBacon-wrapped Filet Mignon (£38.00)

    This package marries tender filet mignon with streaky bacon to create an exquisite culinary sensation! The fillet is cut from prime naturally reared beef and wrapped with Freedom Food streaky bacon. The box contains 8 pieces of bacon-wrapped filet mignon.
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  6. Bacon ChocolateBacon Chocolate (£7.99)

    This is what happens when two of the best things in the world meet. If you consider yourself a bacon lover, a chocolate lover or both, then this Bacon Chocolate is something you have to taste to believe! This culinary masterpiece comes as either dark or milk chocolate and contains real pieces of applewood-smoked bacon!
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  7. Bacōn Unisex PerfumeBacōn Unisex Perfume (£29.99)

    Bacōn Unisex Perfume (pronounced “bay-cone“) is a sophisticated fragrance that is subtly infused with a smoky bacony scent! Bacōn Unisex Perfume comes in two varieties, the classic which has a spicy maple aroma and the gold which has a sizzling citrus aroma. To be really flabbergasted you must know that the original recipe for Bacōn is said to date back to the 1920s!
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  8. BaconnaiseBaconnaise (£5.99)

    Another culinary masterpiece, Baconnaise is a smooth and ridiculously addictive mayo infused with bacony awesomeness! Baconnaise has a unique, smoky flavour and it’s versatile enough to be used with… practically everything! Another incredible fact about Baconnaise is that it’s actually healthier than regular mayo, with less fat, fewer calories but a lot more flavour oomph!
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  9. Mega Tasty BoneMega Tasty Bone (£16.99)

    It’s a fact that bacon’s awesomeness transcends mankind’s boundaries and is also acknowledged by the animal kingdom. The Bacon-infused Mega Tasty Bone is one of the greatest chewy dog treats ever created! Dogs will find its bacon smell irresistible and it’s durable enough to keep your dog’s teeth in great shape and prevent tooth decay for a long time!
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  10. Donald Russell Dry-cured Back BaconDry-cured Back Bacon (£30.00)

    No bacon-themed list would ever be complete without bacon itself! Here’s some of the highest quality bacon available in the market today that cooks without shrinking or curling. This top-quality bacon is cut from outdoor reared pigs, hand-rubbed with curing salts and matured for up to two weeks then smoked over beechwood.
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